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About The Coaching

Getting Past Your Breakup Coaching is a very focused coaching designed to get you past a breakup. The coaching follows the Getting Past Your Breakup book and teaches you how to work through this loss, how to take care of yourself in the process, and how to go on to rebuild your life. The coaching works within the framework of the book but is individualized for each client, depending on his or her needs.

GPYB coaching is designed to assist anyone going through grief after a breakup. Our clients include men, women, gay, straight, young and old from every ethnic and socio-economic group. The book was written to be gender/sexual orientation/age etc neutral and the coaching also applies to anyone. While some may have specific issues that affect their program, GPYB is, for the most part, designed to help anyone overcome the heartache of breakup and move on to a happy life.

GPYB coaching is also available for people in relationships either as an assessment tool or for couples counseling.

GPYB coaching is available for life coaching.

GPYB coaching is available for families.

GPYB is also available for consultations to other coaches, therapists, social workers, divorce attorneys, and other professionals who work with clients to improve their lives.

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