The original program was called Getting Past Your Past and was a successful seminar series and blog. Because so many of the GPYP participants and readers found their way to the program after a breakup or traumatic loss, it slowly morphed into being a roadmap to rebuild your life after a relationship breakup.

The original GPYP blog was started in November 2006 for a handful of seminar students but after a post called “After the Breakup,” the blog went viral, attracting readers worldwide and within months was read by thousands a day.

Readers and seminar/workshop students asked for a book. Several media outlets and organizations asked for “the book.” So in 2008, Susan Elliott wrote “Getting Past Your Breakup: How To Turn A Devastating Loss Into The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You.” It was represented by FinePrint Literary Management and published by DaCapo/Perseus in May 2009.

The book has had excellent reviews from both the media and readers on Amazon, B&N.com and other sites. Susan Elliott has become a trusted media resource, requested speaker, expert commentator and guest columnist for numerous websites.

The current iteration of the blog is the latest in brining GPYP/GPYB to new readers every day. The community here has been fantastic for 5 years now. There is healing and harmony here and if you are new and hurting, please check in on the weekly Check in Thread and introduce yourself.

The original post: What is GPYP?

Simply put, GPYP is about EMPOWERMENT. It’s about taking a loss and using it as a starting point to rebuild your life exactly the way you want it. It’s about SELF-RESPECT and SELF-WORTH and living the life you want to live. It’s about no longer being afraid, no longer guessing at what you should do. It’s about having standards and boundaries, goals and aspirations and making all your dreams come true.

It’s not about trite sayings and RAH RAH mentality…it’s about teaching you, STEP BY STEP, how it’s done. How to get over a breakup and make your life the BEST it can be. GPYP is about healing your wounds, past and present, and becoming happy, healthy, and successful. It is about finding life, love and happiness. It is about making ALL your dreams come true and reaching for the stars because you CAN have it all.

Life is NOT what happens to you but what you make happen.

If you have just been through a breakup or a traumatic loss, you can put your life back together the RIGHT way by following the exercises in the Getting Past Your Breakup book and the GPYP philosophy.

GPYP is a systematic program that teaches you to address issues of the past while doing concrete, affirmative exercises in the present in order to change your life for a successful future.

The program is structured in a way to expand your comfort zones and frame of reference in a systematic way so that change not only happens but it is PERMANENT. You can live your life again. You can be happy again and you can be OKAY with yourself NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS down the line. GPYB is about EMPOWERMENT and not being a victim any longer.

The techniques and exercises are based on cognitive, behavioral and psychodynamic psychology as well as mourning theory, attachment theory, 12-step programs and some Eastern philosophies (such as mindfulness) and techniques. The techniques and exercises are designed to work as a system so that change is balanced and therefore, permanent.

GPYP is a system of “observation, preparation and cultivation” that continually reinforces positive change using thinking, feeling, and behaving in the present as well as addressing past issues that influence today’s thinking, feeling and behaving.

GPYP materials are available as audio, in seminars, and speaking engagements. Also available are “Getting Past Your Breakup” material that is a subset of the GPYP program. The book “Getting Past Your Breakup” was published in May 2009 and is available at bookstores and on-line Order here: http://www.GettingPastYourBreakup.com/ordernow. The audio version (full length) will be available in April 2012

*GPYP is a unique program designed and developed by Susan Elliott over the course of 18 years and is NOT affliated with, associated with or the same as the book Getting Past Your Past published in 2000 by Susan Wilkinson.

Susan J. Elliott owns the Getting Past Your Past domain name (http://www.GettingPastYourPast.com) as well as Getting Past Your Breakup domain name and operates GPYP/GPYB seminars and events under Getting Past Your Past Productions, LLC which is a limited liability corporation organized in the state of New York.